TAFE Policy Network on Quality, Regulation and Compliance (QRC)

TAFE Directors Australia (TDA) convened the TAFE Policy Network on Quality, Regulation and Compliance (QRC) following the TDA Convention 2019, The Power of TAFE, which sought to strengthen the way TAFEs and TAFE divisions of dual sector universities work together.

National VET Educator Development Network (NVEDN)

The National VET Educator Development Network (NVEDN) is a representative group from TAFE institutes and dual sector organisations across Australia. The network is established to drive, inspire and maintain a positive and energetic approach to VET and higher education educator capability development to achieve strong VET and dual sector education. The National VET Educator Development […]

National Enrolled Nursing Advisory Council (NENAC)

TAFE Directors Australia (TDA) established the National Enrolled Nursing Advisory Council (NENAC) in August 2020. The council brings together experts from across Australian TAFEs in education and training to better represent and advocate for enrolled nursing education. Enrolled Nurses play a key role in the Australian health system and our health workforce, and their importance […]

TAFE Aged Care Taskforce (TACT)

The TAFE Aged Care Taskforce was formally convened in July 2021 and brings together specialised educationalists from across Australia’s national network of publicly owned TAFE institutes and university TAFE divisions. The taskforce provides educational leadership in aged care through policy and strategy advice, underpinned by existing and emerging workforce skills needs which is expected to […]

Australian TAFE International Network (ATIN)


The Australian TAFE International Network (ATIN) has been operating for more than 20 years and brings together member representatives from all states and territories on international education.

TAFE Immersive Learning Network (TILN)

The TAFE Immersive Learning Network (TILN) has been established to assist in the alignment and implementation of AR/VR technologies that create enhanced simulation and learning environments for students on campus, in workplaces and online. Current priorities of TILN include: Create and maintain a catalogue to share vetted software / hardware / infrastructure suppliers  Development of […]

Elite Athlete TAFE Network (EATN)

The Elite Athlete TAFE Network (EATN) is part of the Australian Institute of Sport’s (AIS) Career and Education, one of five programs within the AIS’ approach to Athlete Wellbeing and Engagement.  TDA member TAFEs and dual sector universities support the AIS’ vision for athlete wellbeing and engagement so high performing athletes can learn, thrive and contribute to the […]

Other Networks

From time to time TDA will stand up other networks to deliver a specific purpose. In 2022-2023 TDA has a focus on product sharing and collaboration. There are three TDA networks currently collaborating on Assessment Templates, RPL and a Shared Catalogue of products developed and in development. For more information email memberservices@tda.edu.au TAFE Australia Shared […]