My eQuals

My eQuals is the official tertiary credentials platform across Australia and New Zealand. Governed and operated by the participating Australian and New Zealand education providers, My eQuals is a secure and easy to use platform for education providers, learners and verifiers to certify, issue, view and share official verified credentials and awards online. 

A learner-centric platform, My eQuals enables learners to digitally access all their earned credentials and awards, and sustain control of who they share with for the purposes of employment, further study, professional and registered associations, visa applications and other requests to validate their educational outcomes.

My eQuals originated as a collaboration by the Heads of Student Administration of the 47 Australian and New Zealand public universities, aimed at digitisation of student data to enable more seamless global learner mobility, improve the learner experience, ensure credential integrity and improve operational practices. The My eQuals platform was successfully implemented across all the 47 ANZ universities during 2017 to 2018. Since its inception, more than 8 million digital credentials records have been issued, over 2 million learner accounts have been created and millions of records have been shared domestically and around the world.

Over 50% of TDA members have now joined My eQuals, inclusive of the dual-sector institutions who have been servicing their VET students within My eQuals at the same time they begun servicing their HE students in 2017/2018. Canberra Institute of Technology was the first non-university to join My eQuals, going live in early 2020 and have digitally certified over 60,000 awards through My eQuals to March 2023. More recently, Holmesglen and Chisholm are scheduled to go-live in 2023.

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