First Nations Focus Story collection

TDA have curated a story collection called First Nations Focus to recognise and celebrate the vital work that members nationwide do with First Nations students and communities to help them achieve their goals.

 Australia’s First Nations people are renowned as story tellers. The power of story has been used for over 65 000 years to share culture and the challenges and triumphs experienced.

Stories help to make a connection. They are seen in many forms including in song, art and drama. Indigenous stories are also being used more within the education sector itself to support learning.

TDA Members in every State or Territory of Australia have contributed to the First Nations Focus story collection. The stories represent just a taste of the important work TDA members are doing to support our First Nations people.

Past student continues as mentor and TasTAFE supporter – TasTAFE

Djuker Willis-Hart is a proud First Nations man who is using his experience and expertise as a walking guide to help his peers in his community build their own careers.
A guide by trade and a guide by nature, Djuker is a living example of this year’s theme for Reconciliation Week: ‘Be a Voice for Generations”.

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Refreshing new career – TAFE Queensland

Refrigeration technician Jennah Halley is making her mark in a male-dominated industry. Jennah, a proud Aboriginal woman, accidentally fell in love with her trade. What began by helping her brother turned into a fulfilling career.

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TAFE NSW helps Kinchela Boys reclaim their education – TAFE NSW

TAFE NSW has helped Uncles from Kinchela Boy’s Home Aboriginal Corporation in Redfern reclaim their education through a landmark literacy program.
Kinchela Boys Home Aboriginal Corporation was established by survivors of Kinchela Aboriginal Boys Training Home, a ‘home” run by the NSW Government for over 50 years to house Aboriginal boys forcibly removed from their families.

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