Associate Members

TAFE Directors Australia (TDA) Associate Members

TDA Members are TAFEs and TAFE divisions of dual sector universities.

TDA Associate membership is available to partners of TAFEs. TDA Associate Members must be not for profit organisations and part of the ecosystem within which TAFEs operate.

Associate membership fees for 2022 are $2,626.00 (plus GST). For TDA Associate Members who join after 1July 2022 the Associate membership fee for the remainder of the calendar year is $1300 (plus GST).

Associate membership fees increase in line with TDA Member fee increases each year.

Benefits for Associate Members include access to the network of TDA Members, logo on the TDA website, regular features and articles in the TDA newsletter, TDA organised, and if requested TDA facilitated, conversations with TDA Members. For TDA Associate Members who are financial as at the start of the calendar year they also receive member rates for attendance at the TDA convention in that year be the convention face to face or virtual.  

Contact for a discussion on the benefits of becoming a TDA Associate Member.