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Skills are for life – comment by CEO Craig Robertson

Admittedly in this COVID environment it’s difficult to get clean air for government announcements, but I couldn’t resist linking the Prime Minister’s very good news of $1 billion for vocational education and training with the one the next day of $400 million for the Australian film industry.

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Closing the aspiration gap – comment by CEO Craig Robertson

AFL fanatics in Melbourne and Adelaide with a few years behind them will recall Waverly Park built on the old market gardens of Mulgrave and Football Park in West Lakes in Adelaide. They were wide expansive playing fields away from the city. Public transport was poor and sweeping cold winds chilled the spectators who, in the best of seating, felt distant from the action on the field.

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Who is best to determine value? – comment by CEO Craig Robertson

The most apocryphal story of King Solomon comes from two women claiming motherhood of a boy child. Coming to the wise king for a judgement to overcome the stalemate Solomon commanded soldiers to cut the boy in half – one half for each. One consented but the other offered the child to the other to save his life. It was the latter to whom Solomon gave the child – the love for (her) child outweighed the property motive of the other (one can only assume the dispute was over earning capacity the boy would bring to the household at some

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Joining the dots reveals a sombre picture – comment by CEO Craig Robertson

I’ve never done very well at those colour eyesight tests where you need to discern a number from among the dots. You search for a glimmer of shape for the brain to fill out the rest. Our capacity to discern both fine and major patterns will be the key for tertiary education as Australia contemplates shifts in the shape of the labour market from the coronavirus.

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Let’s go forward with confidence – comment by CEO Craig Robertson

Wilfully throwing yourself over a cliff with only the safety of a rope tethered to something solid. That’s how I’d describe abseiling. I am hearing from TAFE leaders about staff venturing into new ways of teaching and training as the necessary response to social distancing forced to beat COVID-19. At first, they were apprehensive, fearing the unknown of teaching away from the relative comfort of the classroom.

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