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‘TAFE at the heart of your career’ – comment by CEO Jenny Dodd

2023 opens with great news for potential students around the country. Enrolments for Free-Fee TAFE are well underway.  The Government has made 180,000 places available, the majority through TAFE, to provide opportunities for Australians across the country to “upskill quickly and hit the ground running in an in-demand industry”.

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Celebrating learner success – comment by CEO Jenny Dodd

From LinkedIn to traditional media, the last couple of weeks have been dominated by stories highlighting learner success. For the TAFE calendar, November is a very important month as teachers and learners come together at either organisational events or in small groups to celebrate the achievements of learners.

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General education enables lifelong learning – comment by CEO Jenny Dodd

TDA and its members welcome the Government’s refocus on TAFE. TAFEs are the anchors and trusted providers of vocational education and training (VET). Most importantly TAFE’s role is broader than just training students to acquire technical skills for employment. TAFEs have always focused on general education. General education is fundamental if we are to equip Australians to be lifelong learners. As we know with the push to lifelong learning, in 2023 and beyond Australia needs its VET graduates to be able to engage in ongoing and often higher levels of learning.

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Lifelong learning: Who pays? – comment by CEO Jenny Dodd

The Jobs and Skills Australia (JSA) legislation is on its way through the Parliament – it is through the lower house and now onto the Senate. This new oversighting body is universally agreed to be needed in the skills sector. There is much for JSA to do, and one area being considering, as part of the national skills agreement, is whether funding should be committed to lifelong learners.

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Two weeks to go! – comment by CEO Jenny Dodd

Today’s message is directed to TDA members. There is a lot happening in our world of TAFE, from the outcomes at the Jobs and Skills Summit, including the announcement of the ‘training blitz’ and fee-free TAFE places for students, to the work we do every day educating and skilling students and employers. To achieve great outcomes takes an exceptional workforce. Therefore, today I call on people working for TAFE or a dual sector university to recognise your colleagues by nominating them for a TAFE Staff Recognition Award.

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A win for TAFE students at the summit – comment by CEO Jenny Dodd

It was a privilege to be part of the Jobs and Skills Summit last week in Canberra. However, I was not expecting that before 8.15am on Day One that TAFE would be the main story! In his opening address to the delegates the Prime Minister announced the $1billion ‘blitz for training’ with the announcement of the additional TAFE fee-free places.

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