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#POWEROFTAFE – The COVID Story – comment by CEO Craig Robertson

‘We know the recovery from COVID-19 will not be easy. But having a multiskilled, agile workforce is the type of resilience that Australia will need to get our economy back on track.  As with all major market disruptions, the training sector will have a vital role to play in reskilling Australians. I am optimistic about the future.

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A new hope – comment by CEO Craig Robertson

This past week has been one of contrasting victories. The winning jockey in the Melbourne Cup, Jye McNeil, in his first ride in the Cup, guided Twilight Payment at the front of the pack for the bulk of the race, a brave move for even the most experienced. A fairy tale story, even.

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The race of life is pertinent this week – comment by CEO Craig Robertson

There’s something about races in November, at least at the quadrennial climax this year! A political race in Queensland, the horse race that stops the nation tomorrow and the race the whole world is watching – for the White House. The latter unearths deep anxiety around the globe, to see whether geo-political tensions can be wound back and, what appears to be a haphazard response to COVID-19, can be stabilised and with it the US economy.

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Please explain – comment by CEO Craig Robertson

In the spirit of Year 12 exams underway across the country, a small essay exercise follows. Read below and answer the questions that follow. In a faraway land not too long ago lived a happy and prosperous people. They had come from around the world over many years to settle and enjoy the land’s rich reward.

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The VET moon shot – comment by CEO Craig Robertson

There has been some commentary arising from TDA’s submission to the Productivity Commission about the centrality of technology transfer and TAFEs role in it. Surely the advancement of students is the mission, was the question? Walla – what comes first, skills or industry?

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Blue Tech for all – comment by CEO Craig Robertson

I have a confession of failed fathering. My wife helped my son build his Lego models! I’m proud of my progress, though, when it comes to spreading the good word. I risk giving away my age as I tell this story but I hope it triggers memories for, … mmm,… well, those of you whom we’d regard as the more mature.

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