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How do we turn the dial to increase diversity? – comment by CEO Jenny Dodd

Are you a trades teacher/lecturer, corporate staff member supporting the trades areas in your TAFE, or a TAFE leader? Have you got it right in terms of creating safe and appropriate learning experiences for women? Are you conscious of what your team can do to support diverse and vulnerable apprentices to succeed in their chosen careers? Is your TAFE turning the dial to improve access for students who are diverse, First Nations students, and women to want to take on careers in traditional male industries?

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Alignment of thinking – comment by CEO Jenny Dodd

During last week the Standing Committee on Employment, Education and Training held public inquiries into the perceptions and status of vocational education and training (VET). TDA made a submission and a presentation. The TDA submission can be downloaded from the TDA website.

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‘Trust’ – comment by CEO Jenny Dodd

Curiously, during the last week in the various forums I was in or articles I read, one of the most frequently used words has been ‘trust’. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines trust as “assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something. :one in which confidence is placed” (accessed on Friday 10/3/23).

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Rare moment in time for an integrated tertiary education sector – comment by CEO Jenny Dodd

2023 is a rare moment in time. During 2023, the next five-year National Skills Partnership will be negotiated between the Commonwealth and States/Territories. This agreement will start by establishing principles. The first of those principles will be ‘TAFE is at the heart of vocational education and training (VET)’ There are some other principles that are likely to be included, such as a principle related to foundation skills.

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‘TAFE at the heart of your career’ – comment by CEO Jenny Dodd

2023 opens with great news for potential students around the country. Enrolments for Free-Fee TAFE are well underway.  The Government has made 180,000 places available, the majority through TAFE, to provide opportunities for Australians across the country to “upskill quickly and hit the ground running in an in-demand industry”.

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