International Education is a critical part of Australia’s economy, as well as being an important tool to help create global citizens, facilitate diplomacy and encourage partnerships. This is true whether it is students studying at TAFE institutes in Australia, undertaking their qualifications at one of many offshore programs offered by Australian TAFEs, or when providing capacity building projects or industry relevant training with partner countries.

TAFE’s reputation as a world leader in vocational education and training is in high demand from governments, donor organisations, education institutions and students across the world, particularly in Asia. Of equal importance is TAFE’s role in supporting Australian students and businesses to engage with other countries through outbound mobility programs and industry-led training programs. Increasingly, TAFE Directors Australia is viewed as a key partner in global networks, including in the World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics.

It is a critical juncture for international VET education in Australia, with competition from countries such as Germany, Canada and Singapore increasing rapidly. To maintain and increase our global footprint, continued effort from TAFEs and coordinated policy from all levels of Government is required. A whole-of-government approach, which supports and promotes activities, strengthens networks and adopts sensible, inclusive policies is required to support TAFE continue our reputation as a world leader in international education.

TDA aims to position TAFE as the preferred partner and provider of international education services through policy advocacy, research, communication and projects.