Past TDA Events

2023: TAFE Open Doors: A focused discussion on access and equality

TAFE Opens Doors: a focused discussion on access and equity, was held on 31 May 2023 from 12pm to 5pm AEST.

The virtual event focused on the important themes of access, inclusion and equity in TAFE. It was aimed at educators, policy makers, and other stakeholders interested in improving TAFE education and creating opportunities. 

TAFE Opens Doors was an opportunity to engage with experts and peers in the field, and to showcase the best practices and learnings of TAFE in promoting access, equity, and inclusion. It aimed to inspire and motivate participants to champion equity and access in education and training, and to recognise the significant economic benefits that result from creating more inclusive and equitable systems. 

2022: Courage, Change and Challenge - The Future of TAFE

TDA’s conventions reflect major themes affecting the TAFE and VET sectors, as well as the host venue.

2019: The Power of TAFE

2018: WFCP World Congress - Preparing for the Skills Future, Now 

TAFE Directors Australia, alongside our member institutes and with the World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics (WFCP), hosted the 2018 World Congress for the WFCP. The 2018 Congress brought together thought leaders, institution directors, practitioners and researchers to explore the theme of: Preparing for the Skills Future, Now 

2017: Networked TAFE

The 2017 TDA Convention was held at the Adelaide Hilton on Thursday 7 and Friday 8 September with the Welcome Reception at Adelaide Oval on Wednesday 6 September.

The overarching theme was ‘Networked TAFE’, reflecting TAFE Institutes connections with a network of individuals, communities, enterprises, industries and governments, both in Australia and overseas.

Speakers and delegates explored topics including, Working in the 21st century; Learning experiences and outcomes; Matters of leadership; Energy roadmaps; and What we can learn from other countries?

2016: Skills Resurgence

Skills Resurgence attracted more than 450 delegates and explored a wide range of emerging and innovative policies and ideas in vocational skills development.

Guests from Australia and abroad experienced an extraordinary range of discussions from some 100 presenters and facilitators.

2015: Inspire

Hobart, 9-11 September 2015

The 380 delegates at the 2015 conference were inspired by a stellar lineup of conference speakers whose presentations included topics related to industry engagement, a market approach to vocational education and training, quality and accountability, diversity of higher education providers, internationalising vocational education qualifications; emerging technologies, and Australia’s partnerships with countries abroad.

A highlight for the year was the Sino-Australian VET Forum, involving a delegation of 30 Chinese vocational education and training officials from Eastern China.

Papers from the conference: Occasional Paper One 2015