Learning Vault

About Learning Vault

The rapid evolution of the workforce towards a highly mobile skills-based economy is a surging global megatrend. Learning Vault was created in anticipation of this evolution and has built a powerful ecosystem to support the skills-based economy of the future.

An interoperable skills ecosystem connecting education to employment. We make knowledge accessible, portable and applicable across a lifelong learner’s journey.

Learning Vault has done so by developing its product pillars Education Vault, Credential Vault and soon to be launched Talent Vault.

1. Education Vault

Award winning accredited courses & micro-credential content for the vocational sector.

We work with leading industry and education experts to produce exceptional vocational training resources, including accredited content, non-accredited content, and micro- credentials. Our resources introduce both traditional and contemporary techniques while encouraging critical thinking and creativity, preparing graduates for their journey to employment.

2. Credential Vault

The central pillar of the ecosystem – our digital credentials are the currency for educators and employers to dynamically trade skills information. Learning Vault’s digital credentialing architecture allows organisations and institutions to issue secure, verifiable digital credentials and certificates for a recipient’s achievements.

We are leading the global standard in W3C, Open Badges 3.0, AQF, iFATE and OfQual credentialing compliance, and are the only complete end-to-end credentialing solution in Australia and the UK. Our credentials enable the creation, deployment, and verification of a learner’s journey across their lifetime.

3. Talent Vault - coming soon

A proprietary algorithm powered platform to match Learning Vault credentials with employers and employment criteria. A Talent Pool uses AI technology to match candidate profiles with education an employment opportunities. This is the platform to assess suitability for courses, career paths and roles in the industry.