TDA members’ international focus

TDA members engage internationally through global partnerships and their students.

International Education is a critical part of Australia’s economy, as well as being an important tool to help create global citizens, facilitate diplomacy and encourage partnerships. This is true whether it is students studying at TAFE institutes in Australia, undertaking their qualifications at one of many offshore programs offered by Australian TDA members, or when providing industry relevant training with partner countries.

TAFE’s reputation as a world leader in vocational education and training is in high demand from governments, donor organisations, education institutions and students across the world. Of equal importance is TAFE’s role in supporting Australian students and businesses to engage with other countries through outbound mobility programs and industry-led training programs. Increasingly, TAFE Directors Australia is viewed as a key partner in global networks, including in the World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics.

Each year international students from more than 100 countries choose to study at a TAFE in Australia. There are many reasons.


are reputable government owned institutions – TAFEs are government backed and guaranteed.

provide high quality teaching by industry experienced educators and trainers – TAFE trainers provide learners with the skills and industry training that gives international students acquire the capabilities to be successful in work and helping businesses grow.

offer a high level of student support – TAFEs care for international students through high quality support services to help with academic progress, counselling, medical services and social programs.

facilitate a genuine Australian experience and cross-culture exchange – by having international students study alongside Australian students.

provide pathways to higher education – TAFE courses provide opportunities for further study in higher education degrees, either at TAFE or at university.

offer a large course selection – Students can choose from hundreds of courses to study at locations throughout metropolitan and regional areas.

have modern facilities – TAFEs have modern, purpose-built facilities designed to closely replicate real work environments with the latest tools, equipment and technology.

give value for money – Students receive high-quality vocational education connected to up-to-date technology at an affordable cost.

are recognised world-wide – All countries recognise TAFEs in Australia as delivering excellence in vocational and higher education.