TAFE Higher Education Provider (TAFEHEP) Network

TAFE Directors Australia (TDA) established the Australian TAFE Higher Education Provider (TAFEHEP) Network in 2013 to bring together TAFE providers of higher education across Australia. The aim is to promote collegiality, collaboration and sharing of knowledge about the development, delivery and administration of higher education programs. There are currently ten TAFE Institutes registered as non-university higher education providers (NUHEP) in Australia, which sit alongside the TAFE Divisions of the six dual sector universities that are also members of TDA.

The network advances the ability of TDA member TAFEs and dual sector universities to provide higher education degrees in a TAFE setting, and to create greater opportunities for traditional VET students to expand their educational aspirations and career ambitions.

Current priorities of the network include:

  • contributing to policy debate and broader reforms within higher education
  • advocating for access to Commonwealth Supported Places (CSPs) to be expanded beyond the current undergraduate certificate short courses, which were offered in response to COVID
  • pursuing self-accreditation for TAFEHEP network members

The network is chaired by William Angliss Institute.

For enquiries regarding the TAFEHEP, please contact memberservices@tda.edu.au.