Holiday greetings from Tafe Directors Australia

Dear readers,

We’ve prepared a Carol for the season, based on the classic, Good King Wenceslas.

To help you through the mangled verse, we’ve provided the original tune below.

Oh please rum-in-ate with me
On the year we’ve ha-d
Highs and lows, but let us see
If it’s been that b-a-d
Gov-ern-ment, it seems to wreck
Any-thing it touches
Only focus that they get
Is voters in their clut-ches

Karen Andrews fought the fight
Foc-us-ing on status
But her tool kit was too light
No one gave a rat-us’
In des-par-ation she did say
No one beats Australia
From the Scot(t) she copped a spray
Now we have Mich-ae-lia

Then we have our Aussie Scot
Sen-a-tor Doug Cam-eron
Fight the fight and stop the rot
Tackling Cash his clarion
He’s a champion of the trades
Look where it has got him
Bring back TAFE before it fades
Is his constant hy-mn

Listen here forgive the code
In this little stanza
TAFEs have taken all the load
Of the loan disast’a
Legis-lation we have read
Little owed is clear
Time to put it all to bed
See you all next ye-ar

The World Congress pulled a crowd
Near the Yarra river
Aussie TAFEs we should be proud
Of what we did deliver
Winners of the train-ing awards
Across the whole darn nation
One and all you should applaud
Your deep apprec-ia-tion

So, on pol-it-ics we jest
In this Christmas season
But as leaders we know best
Students are the rea-son
Of their future if you care
TAFE the word to spe-ll
Trust and passion is their flair
Hoorah the Aussie je-well