YEAR13 Releases guide for parents navigation life after the ATAR


Year13’s research has shown that the majority of youth get their most trustworthy career advice from their parents (56%), more so than from teachers (40%) and career advisors (38%).

With ATAR results released and young people across the country making important decisions about their future, it becomes even more crucial for parents to support their children during this tough transitional period and to make sure they are educated on all the pathways available to them.

To assist with this, Year13 have created a guide that outlines how parents can help their children navigate life after the ATAR. Drawing from their independent research, industry leaders, government bodies and external reports, the guide covers topics like mental health, gap years, job growth areas, diverse pathways and future skills needed to succeed.

 Instead of focusing on student’s ATARs and school outcomes, the guide focuses on many other ways for young people to succeed and find their purpose. VET courses and the skills gained through vocational education features heavily as pathways to achieve this.

Gain access to the guide here and feel free to pass on the link to any interested parents.