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Openness – comment by CEO Craig Robertson

Relax – breathe deep, loosen every muscle, sink into your inner soul. Roam in your mind for those thoughts that recur. Turn them and tumble them in your consciousness. Be alert to the one thing that keeps coming to you. Think through all the circumstances in your life when this thought was dominant. What events trigger that thought? What’s common in those events? Think deep. Hone those thoughts. Dissect and discern. Practice openness, it brings you a new perspective!

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Comment by CEO Craig Robertson

Season’s greeting to all of you from the staff at TAFE Directors Australia, the board and our TAFE leaders across the country.  After a tumultuous 2019 we look to 2020 for substantive change, as that is our mission.

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Cause for hope – comment by CEO Craig Robertson

In Beijing last week I was asked by a British ex-pat now living in Washington and an Aussie living in England if I was confident about the future of vocational education in Australia. Admittedly, I had just been lamenting the poor participation levels in the sector and praising the clear enthusiasm for vocational education in China.

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Comment by Jen Bahen, Director, International Engagement

With Craig currently tending to his garden and in my final week at TDA I was asked to take over his column and reflect on all things international. That also means no stories, no analogies, no poems and no April Fool’s Day jokes… …..or does it?  (It’s nigh on impossible to work for Craig without learning a little.)

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Keeping the partnership together – comment by CEO Craig Robertson

The longstanding debate in my household has been the resources my wife and I brought to our marriage and how we each contribute to family life. OK, confession time. I entered the marriage with debt and my wife didn’t, and I’d been working for some time! How we shared the responsibilities for getting the kids to school still causes some mirth. Imagine the tears from my then seven year-old daughter relying on me to fix her precious long hair for school when a pony-tail was the limit of my dexterity.

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A bolder education vision? – comment by CEO Craig Robertson

Education in Australia is awash with reviews. Political discourse would say it is governments at action stations. If there’s little coordination at the front line of action chances of success are limited, I would have thought, although progress on the odd battlefront isn’t something to be scoffed at here in Australia.

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