Women in Adult and Vocational Education (WAVE)

WAVE provides seminars and workshops, undertakes research, advocates and advises on policy, as well as networking internationally, nationally and on a state basis. The organisation is supported within each state by local representatives who in turn contribute collaboratively to national events and governance.

WAVE was formed in 1985, the first and only national and autonomous non-government organisation for Australian women in the adult, community and vocational education and training sector. For the first 14 years WAVE was known as the Network of Women in Further Education (NOW in FE).

WAVE advocates around its current policy statements, asking for a commitment to:

  • Access to a strong, national public vocational education and training system;
  • Career advice, counselling and targeted support to undertake accredited training for viable, well-paid and decent jobs;
  • Technical and trade training in all areas of skill shortages, emergent occupations and industries; and
  • Training provision that is high quality, affordable, inclusive and relevant for the diversity of all Australian women.


The focus of WAVE’s work in 2021 is to:

  • Raise these issues in the lead-up to the Federal election, asking for a commitment from all major parties and independents;
  • Award a grant at this year’s AVETRA conference for research into gender and disability. This grant, which we intend to make an annual grant, is in memory of our long time executive member Sue Salthouse;
  • Continue to work with our project officer, Tayla Taseff in WA, in setting up a network for young women with disabilities. It is to be called the Salthouse Sistas, and will have its own page on the WAVE website. Tayla (pictured here), has cerebral palsy and has been excited to take on this project to help young women with disabilities connect, network and hopefully find employment; and
  • Continue to work with a range of groups in making submissions to inquiries and in representing women and girls in VET and adult education.

If you are interested in becoming a member, then go to the WAVE website or contact WAVE at wave@wave.org.au. You can become a member of WAVE for free, or by making a small financial contribution.

For more information contact Linda Simon, WAVE National Convenor