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Ủy ban Năng suất bỏ lỡ cơ hội bắt tay VET

In place of my column this week, I’d like to refer you to this article written by Tom Karmel for the Mackenzie Research Institute on some critical policy issues for VET – Craig Robertson The Productivity Commission review of the National Agreement for Skills Workforce and Development, at 532 pages, is a substantial piece of work. However, the review has caused barely a ripple.

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Imagine – comment by CEO Craig Robertson

Imagine. It’s not that hard to do …. that the events of this past week in Melbourne played out before mass communication. Just word of mouth. Messages limited by terrain and distance of the walk. A super moon. Is it going to hit the earth? Blood moon. Reminder of the flames which can tower through the Eucalyptus on hot windy days. Fire! Soon. A terrible infliction upon the people. The old can’t breathe. They perish one-by-one. An invisible evil. No warning, apart from the Red Moon! Fear!

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Running toward empty – comment by CEO Craig Robertson

When it comes to the good news in tomorrow’s national Budget we’ll be thanking iron ore once again for helping reduce our national government debt. This financial year the federal coffers are expected to be $20 billion richer than expected and debt will be forecast to come down quicker thanks to China’s ongoing demand for steel and faltering supply from competitor nations.

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The case for Free TAFE – comment by CEO Craig Robertson

In conversations several people have lamented the introduction of Free TAFE courses in some states and territories, although their scale and scope varies in each jurisdiction. There has not been the chance to test their logic, but it has caused me to think it through. I assume they are concerned that they distort the VET market due to the moral hazard.

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Cuộc đua toàn cầu về kỹ năng - nhận xét của Giám đốc điều hành Craig Robertson

Công nghiệp 4.0 không phải là sự bảo tồn của các nền kinh tế hiện đại. Một báo cáo từ Ngân hàng Phát triển Châu Á (ADB) cho thấy các nền kinh tế đang phát triển có thể đi trước các nền kinh tế hiện đại như thế nào, tương tự như thành công của họ trong việc vượt lên trước COVID.

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