TAFE Supports Students

By working together with the community, TDA members help those in need of financial support, and wrap around services, to meet their education and training aspirations so TDA member students or prospective students may seek to achieve their career ambitions.

Be part of the solution

TDA welcomes your involvement, through any of its TAFE members, to be part of a community in assisting TDA member students and prospective students.  There may be a variety of reasons to be involved.  These may include:

  • Philanthropic endeavours, either as an individual or an organisation, to support those students or prospective students from a more disadvantaged background.
  • Firms or industries seeking to position their firm or industry as a socially responsible and attractive employer.
  • Firms or industries that seek to attract talent through supporting TDA member students in their studies.


Please feel free at any stage to contact one of the TDA members listed below, or alternatively you may contact Mr Ronald Jackson at rjackson@tda.edu.au or on 0418 979 031.  We welcome your ideas and discussion on how you may be part of the solution.


Are you a motivated, goal-orientated, potential student with big goals for your future?

Is financial hardship a barrier to you achieving the study or career plan you are working towards?

If so, a Gordon Scholarship may be an option for you:


The Gordon welcomes enquires about seeking a scholarship, or those willing to offer to support scholarships at The Gordon.