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Langgan untuk menerima kemas kini dari pasukan kami

Anda akan menerima salinan kepemimpinan pemikiran yang relevan secara percuma apabila anda melanggan berita, kemas kini acara dan makluman kami mengenai kandungan baru yang menarik bagi anda.

Sekiranya anda mendapat ralat, cuba gunakan ini pautan.

The plan for industry engagement – comment by Jenny Dodd

‘The establishment of Industry Clusters will enhance the role of industry in the national training system with a broader role and greater accountability to industry,’ so writes the Transition Advisory Group (TAG) in its recent advice to Government. Who is the TAG and what will the proposed Industry Clusters do that is different to now?

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Calling TAFEs to input into the national reform agenda – comment by Jenny Dodd

One week into my interim role as CEO of TDA, I have participated in a lot of briefings and consultation discussions, mainly led by the Department of Education, Skills and Employment (DESE). Indeed, I thought I knew much of the agenda, but it seems I didn’t have the full grasp of everything that is happening. So, today for the benefit of all TAFEs, I thought I would summarise the main components, acknowledging that this does not fully encompass all that is on the agenda.

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So Long, Farewell

Most of you will have now heard the news that TDA’s Chief Executive Officer Craig Robertson has stepped down from TDA. After more than four years leading TDA, Craig has left TDA in order to take up the appointment of the inaugural Chief Executive Officer of the Victorian Skills Authority (VSA). Craig will take up his position with the VSA on 23 August.

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The Power of Diversity – comment by CEO Craig Robertson

For someone who has spent half of his life learning or teaching bible stories the one of the Tower of Babel was particularly curious. From Genesis, it tells of the Babylonians building a tower to the sky to reach for their God and, possibly more pointedly, to demonstrate their closeness to God to ward off enemies.

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