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Let’s chase value  – comment by CEO Craig Robertson

I suspect we are immune to sales techniques and attuned to value. Special deals dominate our retail experience. Boxing Day sales have lost their edge and discounts are a permanent feature. Once price discounts fail, do you notice the move to promises of value that seem too good to be true – stronger, brighter, slimmer ….?

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Let’s test VET’s value proposition – comment by CEO Craig Robertson

There’s been encouraging news for vocational education this past fortnight or so. On separate occasions the Prime Minister and Minister for Skills, Senator Michaelia Cash have said: “We believe that learning through a vocational education is just as valuable as a university degree, so we want to transform the way we deliver skills, support employers and fund training.” Word for word – a unity ticket. A good one. It’s unusual in political discourse but in this case, I suspect it’s by design.

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A new start – comment by CEO Craig Robertson

As we anticipate Parliament this week passing tax cuts, we may be excused for missing the important milestone in Australia’s vocational education and training. Today marks the start of a new reign of quality in vocational education and training in Australia!

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