Perjalanan musik ke pembelajaran virtual - Box Hill Institute

Memimpin dalam pengiriman jarak jauh adalah departemen musik Box Hill Institute. Dalam waktu perubahan cepat yang disebabkan oleh coronavirus, Box Hill Institute telah merangkul peluang untuk berinovasi.

Sound production, composition, performance and hip hop courses were quickly and successfully transitioned to remote delivery. Key to the success of this move has been Box Hill Institute’s ability to replicate real world situations in a virtual environment.

Music and Production Manager Matt Voight said, “We try to get students kick-started collaborating on content…we’ve still been able to make sure that people are working together, they’re just doing it in a different way.”

Box Hill Institute is using technologies such as Microsoft Teams and Echo360 to meet face-to-face, while lectures, theoretical content and practical how-tos are pre-recorded. Matt said, “Students love the recorded content. We still have our class time … and some live lectures, but they can watch the recorded material over and over again. So if they miss something, if they get distracted, they can come back and watch it again.”

Another initiative allowing students to stay connected and remain motivated during this time in isolation is a series of Friday lunchtime live stream music performances.

Although coronavirus has been the driving force behind the changes at Box Hill Institute, it has only fast-tracked improvements that were already on the agenda. Box Hill Institute plans to adapt this model to continue to deliver a great student experience into the future.

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