Melinda Fischer

Manajer Bisnis dan TI

Melinda bergabung dengan Direktur TAFE Australia pada Juli 2018. Lahir di Hongaria, dan setelah tumbuh dewasa di Jerman, Melinda pindah ke Australia pada 2017 untuk menjadi dekat dengan keluarga dekatnya.

As the Business and IT Manager at TDA, Melinda ensures the smooth operation of TDA including for financial management and TDA’s engagement across its digital platforms which includes the development and management of the TDA website.  Melinda also creates, and manages the implementation of, TDA’s portfolio of graphic designs that contribute to the defining of the TDA brand domestically and internationally.

Melinda is also responsible for ongoing engagement with TDA corporate affiliates, and managing TDA’s information and communication environment, including the contract management of the third-party ITC service providers.

Melinda finished the Diploma in Software Development at Canberra Institute of Technology and is now in her final year of studying the Bachelor of Software Engineering  at the University of Canberra, to further her skills across the digital economy, with a commitment to acquire advanced skills in software development.

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