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Pathways are on everyone’s lips – comment by CEO Jenny Dodd

Pathways have become part of the lexicon of many groups of late. This embraces everything from providers thinking about possible micro-credential pathways, to Skills Organisations such as DSO reflecting on ‘simplified digital pathways’, to those who are consulting on how to address recommendations 11-13 of the 2019 AQF review.

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The regulator to approve the products it will regulate – comment by CEO Jenny Dodd

Many eyebrows were raised around the sector last week when ASQA was announced as the approver of training products in the new environment of Industry Clusters. That is, from 1 January 2023 ASQA will decide whether training products are ready to enter the market. ASQA will replace the approval role currently held by the Australian Industry Skills Committee (AISC). The regulator approving the products that it will then regulate is an interesting decision.

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Businesses contributing to lifelong learning – comment by CEO Jenny Dodd

PwC Australia’s 25th CEO Survey and AiGroup’s CEO Business Prospects Survey, both released in the last two weeks, indicate that businesses will invest significantly in training during 2022The cost of repaying students scammed by disreputable colleges in the VET FEE-HELP scandal has soared to $3.3 billion, and could reach $4.6 billion, the federal government says. The Minister for Employment, Workforce, Skills, Small and Family Business, Stuart Robert said that more than 180,000 students have had their VET FEE-HELP debts re-credited since 2016. Mr Robert said, “dodgy providers specifically targeted people living in public housing, people with disability, people with substance

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Micro-credentials; part of the solution for skilling – comment by CEO Jenny Dodd

On Saturday 5 February in the Australian Financial Review both the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison and the Leader of the Opposition, Anthony Albanese mentioned the importance of skills development. Mr Albanese singled out skills and training in his list of priorities (‘Race for a return to normal’) and Mr Morrison stated, ‘the skills and training needs of the workforce was at the top of his economic agenda’ (‘Growth to roar past pre-virus forecasts’).

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Who will make the practical decisions in these reforms? – comment by CEO Jenny Dodd

Reforms to industry engagement are reaching their crescendo. Those who are aiming to establish one of the nine (or possibly a few more) Industry Clusters are now well underway with their consultations and submissions. TAFEs are actively participating with a number of these organisations in contributing to their planning for skills and workforce development of their industries.

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It’s been a big week to end a big year – comment by CEO Jenny Dodd

During the last week the details of the new Industry Clusters were released, the ALP launched its election policies that included free TAFE, and the Minister for Employment, Workforce, Skills, Small and Family Business, and Acting Minister for Education and Youth, Stuart Robert highlighted funding for microcredentials, albeit to bring universities and industry together. It was a big week.

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Continuing the integration story – comment by CEO Jenny Dodd

NCVER’s recent research by Steven Hodge and Elizabeth Knight, The best of both worlds? Integrating VET and higher education, provides very useful reflection about integrating VET and higher education. It comes at a time when the Industry Cluster information for preparation of EOIs has now been released. As part of their remit, industry clusters will need to consider how to embrace higher education as well as VET in their end-to-end workforce solutions.

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