Holmesglen Institute


Luke and Kaycee's journey to transformative support

Koorie Student Support Officers Luke Morgan and Kaycee Ah Kit from Victoria’s Holmesglen Institute are setting new standards in assisting First Nation learners.

For the past two years, Luke and Kaycee have worked with Holmesglen’s teachers to lift engagement and retention among Koorie learners through support and advocacy. Having undertaken their own study journey at TAFE, they have added a new dimension to their work.

“The journey of pursuing a Certificate IV in Community Services not only expanded our knowledge and skills but also boosted confidence in our ability to support and advocate for our First Nations students,” says Kaycee.

This fresh approach of blending education, cultural understanding and their own professional development is helping deliver highly effective cultural identity support, tailored scholarships, and counselling services to Holmesglen’s First Nations learners.

Holmesglen established its Koorie Unit in 2020, to foster a supportive and inclusive environment for a growing community of over 220 First Nations learners.

Luke and Kaycee’s mission has been to make an impact on the academic journey of this community. They are keenly aware that their work has the power to change the narrative of students from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Holmesglen’s culture of encouraging professional development and constant learning aligned perfectly with Luke and Kaycee’s aspirations for the Unit. They both enrolled in TAFE to grow their own skills and better serve students, colleagues, and community.



“Completing the Certificate IV in Community Services was a significant step in both Luke and my career as Koorie Student Support Officers,” Kaycee says.

“It provided us with a solid foundation of knowledge and skills to better support our First Nations students at Holmesglen.”

Another Holmesglen priority, to expand a culture of partnership with learners through feedback and insights, resonated deeply with Luke and Kaycee.

“Throughout the course, we learned about various aspects of community services, such as case management, advocacy, and cultural competency. These skills were invaluable in our roles as Koorie Student Support Officers, as it allowed us to effectively engage with and assist our students in their educational journey,” Kaycee explains.

“The course offered us a platform to engage with individuals who shared our dedication to creating positive change in our communities,” adds Luke. “Working closely with my peers, exchanging experiences and insights, proved to be incredibly motivating and uplifting.”

Luke says experiences in class quickly turned into practical lessons for further improving Holmesglen’s support to its First Nation’s learners.

“A standout aspect of our professional development was the opportunity to learn from fellow students. By embracing diverse perspectives, insights, and experiences, we deepened our understanding and gained invaluable knowledge to effectively champion and support the needs of our own students,” he says.

Completing the Certificate IV in Community Services boosted Luke and Kaycee’s skills and confidence to take a lead role in Holmesglen’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) process.

“The knowledge and experiences gained from our professional development has been vital in driving the RAP committee forward. It’s exciting to see the progress we’re making, and we can’t wait to see the positive impact the RAP will have once it’s in place,” says Kaycee.

Luke and Kaycee’s dedication has stood out at Holmesglen as a shining example of how to improve student support through learning, cultural sensitivity, and respect. Their learning has also brought hope and inspiration to many.

“It was an experience that enabled Luke and I to grow both personally and professionally,” says Kaycee.