2019 TDA Convention – Presentations

Wednesday 4 September 2019

Plenary 1 – Opening

Speaker Topic Presentation
Mr Michael Brennan, Chair, Productivity Commission
The Future of Markets and TAFE
Professor Peter Coaldrake AO, Chair, Jobs Queensland and Reviewer, Higher Education Provider Category Standards
Panel Session: The Power of TAFE: The future direction of tertiary frameworks
Ms Nicholle Duce-O'Brien, Vice President, Human Resources, Optus
Professor Nick Klomp, Vice Chancellor and President, Central Queensland University

Plenary 2 

Speaker Topic Presentation
Mr David Hughes, Chief Executive, Association of Colleges UK
Panel Session: Love our TAFEs: The Power and the Brand of TAFE
Ms Allison Jenvey, Board Chair, Wodonga TAFE
Mr Rod Camm, Principal, NOUS Group
Panel Session: The Power to Change: Where and how should TAFEs evolve
Ms Mary Faraone, Chief Executive, Holmesglen Institute & Chair, TAFE Directors Australia
Dr Don Zoellner, Research Associate, Charles Darwin University

Plenary 3

Speaker Topic Presentation
Dr Rick Huijbregts, Vice President, Strategy and Innovation, George Brown College, Canada
The Power of Success: Showcasing Success
Mr Stephen Gates, TAFE Queensland SkillsTech
State and Territory Showcase - Part One
Queensland: Tailored support for industry: The recreational vehicle industry
Ms Kerryn Meredith-Sotiris, TasTAFE
Tasmania: Women in agriculture and technology
Mr Robin Kuhne, SuniTAFE
Victoria : Harvesting productive relationships
Ms Terry Durrant, South Metropolitan TAFE
Western Australia: Partnering for success – partnership with Rio Tinto

Workshop Sessions – Concurrent Stream 1

Speaker Topic Presentation
Ms Jenny Dodd, TasTAFE
1A: The challenge of building a TAFE workforce
Meeting the demand for skills: TAFE workforce development solutions – A conversation about creating new and future solutions
Ms Angela Ryan, Canberra Institute of Technology
Evolving Teacher
Dr Angela Dillon, TAFE SA
1B: Navigating complex student journeys
Deaf gain curriculum innovation
Ms Adrienne White, TAFE SA
Ms Michelle Hoad, North Metropolitan TAFE
TAFE Foyers: Supporting students experiencing homelessness
Prof Shelley Mallett, Brotherhood of St Lawrence
Mr Sam Mills, Canberra Institute of Technology
Ensuring employment outcomes and real skills for marginalised learners (WESP)
Mr Mohammed Shah Alam, Canberra Institute of Technology
Ms Darshi Ganeson-Oats, South Metropolitan TAFE
1C: TAFEs driving change in communities
The future of workforce learning and human capital trends: How South Metropolitan TAFE is responding
Dr Don Perlgut, Community Colleges Australia
Collaboration with adult and community education providers: Leveraging VET and foundation skills to drive economic development in Western Sydney
Ms Tania Jollie, DXC Technology
1D: TAFEs and industry: Partners in delivery and practice
An industry perspective on working with TasTAFE
Ms Maureen Chapman, TAFE NSW
The Indigenous Police Recruitment Our Way Delivery Program (IPROWD): Supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to join the NSW police force or other justice and emergency services agencies

Workshop Sessions – Concurrent Stream 2

Speaker Topic Presentation
Mr Michael Pitt, Weld Australia
2A: The Power of TAFE in collaborating to support industry
Weld Australia and TAFE: a collaborative journey
Mr Brian Rungie, Weld Australia
Mr Gary Hargreaves, TAFE Queensland SkillsTech
Ms Glenda Whiting, TAFE SA
SMILE - Sustaining better practice, TAFE lessons learnt through the dental experience
Ms Kelly DiManno, TAFE SA
Mr Matthew Dale, Audit Express
2B: Is there a place for micro-learning and micro- credentials in VET?
Panel Session
Dr Ash Jones, DeakinCo.
Ms Angela Lisle, TAFE Queensland
Ms Jane Trewin, Box Hill Institute
Mr Ashar Ehsan, Charles Darwin University
2C: The Power of TAFE in supporting Indigenous communities
Flexibility, Innovation, Empathy: The VET educator attributes for effective remote Indigenous delivery
Mr Andrew Berkinshaw, TAFE SA
Engagement tools for working with remote Aboriginal Communities in the APY Lands - Building foundations for success
Mr Peter Harrison, AMES
2D: The Power of support: Language and participation
Employment Matters: Pathways to economic participation for migrants and refugees
Ms Natasha McCormick, GOTAFE
Ms Deb King, TAFE SA
Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) Distance Learning program: Bringing language literacy and numeracy to every corner of Australia
Ms Katia Lockwood, TAFE SA

Thursday 5 September

Workshop Sessions – Concurrent Stream 3

Speaker Topic Presentation
Mr Gary Gow, IBSA
3A: Unpicking the future of skills
Shaping the skills of our future workforce
Miss Kelly Fawcett, Foundation for Young Australians
Preparing our workforce for the future: putting the New Work Mindset into action
Ms Belinda Kim, South West TAFE
Dr Anitza Geneve, TAFE Queensland
Digital literacy and employability skills to support today's learners for the future of work
Ms Kym Nguyen, QS Enrolment Solutions
3B: The Power of student engagement and feedback
State of TAFE: Insights from the 2019 International Student Survey and Domestic Student Survey
Mr Andrew Scotford, Canberra Institute of Technology Student Association
Student Feedback: Authentic and real time
Mr George Clegg, TAFE Queensland
Using video capture to enhance students' engagement and experience
Dr Claire Mason, CSIRO Data61
3C: Use of technology in TAFEs
Stakeholder views on digital transformation in the VET sector
Mr Robert Petherbridge, TAFE Queensland
Mr Shannon Baldock, TAFE SA
VR training using lecturer developed content
Ms Megan Aitken, TAFE NSW
Use of technology in TAFE NSW
Ms Mish Eastman, Swinburne University of Technology
3D: Preparing TAFEs for change
Transforming Learning in PAVE: Examining the critical stages and impacts of a major transformation project for vocational student experience
Ms Diana Swift, Swinburne University of Technology
Mr Ben Barnett, Loop
Mrs Renee Costa, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
Future proofing the next generation of aged care workers
Mrs Elissa McKenzie, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
Mr Stuart Butterworth, Canberra Institute of Technology
Innovative delivery in renewables: Solar battery storage and photo-voltaic systems
Ms Josephine Whitfield, Canberra Institute of Technology

Workshop Sessions – Concurrent Stream 4

Speaker Topic Presentation
Mr Brett Hall, Jobs Queensland
4A: Institutes, industry and community: Partnerships for Innovation
Workforce planning for regional economic development
Ms Michelle Hoad, North Metropolitan TAFE
Industry and community collaboration: the vehicle for innovation
Mr Saxon Phipps, Year13
4B: How can TAFE and VET better support transitions in and through school?
The voice of students
Mr Rod McShannon, TAFE Queensland
Should our approach to school engagement be transactional or transformational and WHY?
Mr Nathan Turner, Optus
4C: TAFE's role in building Australia's STEM workforce
TAFE's role in building Australia's STEM workforce
Mr James Comer, Cisco
Ms Dianne Semmens, Victoria University Polytechnic
Victoria University Polytechnic's new Cyber Security Operations Centre
Ms Penny Johnston, TAFE SA
TAFE SA's collaboration with government in relation to meeting the needs of defence industries in South Australia

Plenary 4

Speaker Topic Presentation
Mr Ned Jelbart, Canberra Institute of Technology
State and Territory Showcase - Part Two
ACT: Simulation for learning, not just assessment: With an affordable price tag!
Mr Tom Key, TAFE NSW
NSW: Connected learning centres and mobile training units
Ms Penny Johnston, TAFE SA
South Australia: Shipyard 4.0: How the fourth industrial revolution will transform training for naval shipbuilding, defence industry and advanced manufacturing in South Australia
Mr Ashar Ehsan, Charles Darwin University
Northern Territory: Gulkula Regional Training Centre: Facilitating successful outcomes for Indigenous learners in the NT
Mr Mark Fudge, Charles Darwin University
Mr Mike O'Brien, Chief of Surgery, The Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne
My TAFE journey
Mr Steven Koch, Acting Deputy Director-General Engagement, Department of Small Business, Employment and Training
A state government skills & TAFE journey
Mr Craig Robertson, CEO, TAFE Directors Australia
Keynote & Panel Session: What does Australian Government policy reform mean for TAFEs? Facilitator
The Hon Steven Joyce, Author, The Joyce Review
Keynote & Panel Session: What does Australian Government policy reform mean for TAFEs? Speaker
Mr David Coltman, Chief Executive, TAFE SA
Keynote & Panel Session: What does Australian Government policy reform mean for TAFEs? Panel respondent
Mr Saxon Phipps, Founder, Year13