2018 WFCP World Congress – Presentations

Thank you for attending the WFCP 2018 World Congress.  It is our pleasure to provide you with access to all of the presentations.  Please note that a very small number of presenters chose not to make their presentations publicly available.

Monday 8 October 2018

Congress Opening Ceremony

Speaker Topic Presentation
Dr Stephen Murgatroyd
Challenge and Change and the Future of Learning
Professor Dirk Van Damme
Changing Skills Requirements and the Implications for Education and Training Policies

Tuesday 9 October 2018

Plenary Session 1

Speaker Topic Presentation
Dr David Finegold
The Shifting Landscape for Skill and Economic Development
Mr Charles Fadel
Education for the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Plenary Session 2

Speaker Topic Presentation
Mr David Hughes
Scripting the Future
Professor Qiuming Chen
Challenges Facing Higher Vocational Education in China in the Era of Artificial Intelligence
Dr Lee D Lambert & Dr Ricardo Castro-Salazar
How Industry 4.0 and Global Education will Shape the Future of Work - A Case Study from Arizona
Ms Jan Owen OAM
The Changing World of Work
Dr Sean Gallagher
The Future of Teaching and Learning
Professor Stephen Parker AO
The Future of Colleges and Polytechnics
Ms Jody Hamilton
No One Left Behind

Break-out Thematic Session A: Theme Introductions

Speaker Topic Presentation
Mr David Caspari & Mr Ian Hamilton
A1 Technology Driven Change for Skills
Major Skills Implications associated with Digital Disruption for Training Providers
Dr Fred Gibbons
An Institute Perspective
Ms Denise Amyot
A2 Applied Research and Innovation: A Step Closer to the Future
A Step Closer to the Future
Mr Jon Zarraga
Ms Justine Rofe
Mr Marc Nantel, Mr Ray Hoemsen and Mr Brian vanOosten
Award Finalist Case Studies
Dr Stuart Middleton
A3 Once Left Behind, Now Well Ahead
New TVET Pathways for Disengaged Secondary Students
Mr John Tucker
Promoting Vocational Training Opportunities and Career
Ms Jodee Price
Should we Start the Vocational Experience Earlier?
Dr Marilyn Herie
A4 What's all the Fuss? Industry 4.0: Implications for Skilling and Skills Education
Paleofuturism, the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Future of Higher Education
Ms Megan Lilly
A Window into Industry 4.0: The View from Australian Employers
Mr Robert Adams
Digital Transformation - Future Skilling our People

Break-Out Thematic Session B

Speaker Topic Presentation
Professor Leesa Wheelahan
B1 In Pursuit of a 21st Century Skill
Preparing Citizens for New Ways of Learning
Mr I Made Suarta
The Employers Demand of Employability Skills: Identification of Skills Needed for a Changing World of Work
Ms Wendy Perry
VET / TVET 4.0 Founded on the Future of Jobs, Skills and Work
Ms Sherol George, Ms Bannau Tiiata & Ms Kepreen Ve'etutu
B2 Catalysts for Change: Pacific Islander Practitioner Perspectives on Skills Sector Reform
Pacific Islander Practitioner Perspectives on Skills Sector Reform
Dr Don Perlgut & Ms Evelyn Goodwin
B3 Supporting the Unsupported : Training for Disadvantaged Groups
Strengthening Community Cohesion, Resilience and Skills
Mr Alexis Conrad
Innovative Ideas on Student Financing
Mr Jefferson Ramos de Lima
Intelligent System of Diagnosis of Causes of Failure in the Federal Institutes in Brazil
Mr Jack Hylands
B4 Industries - Changing, New, Emerging or Defunct?
RMIT's Delivery of App Development Skills
Mr Warren Guest & Mr Andrew Carruthers
Connecting with Industry to Develop the Job-ready Student of the Future: A Hospitality Focus
Professor Yunqi Zhang
High Quality Technical Talent Training based on School and Enterprise Collaboration
Ms Sara Caplan
B5 Supporting the Training Workforce
Building a Curriculum for the TVET Workforce
Dr Karina Davis & Dr Fiona Wahr
Changing Cultures in a New Polytechnic: A Framework for Industry and Teaching Relevance
Ms Amanda Achterberg
Professional Educator College (PEC)
Ms Andrea Radley & Ms Nicole Broe
B6 Realising Opportunities through Collaboration: Addressing Systemic Problems facing Regional TAFEs
Addressing Systemic Problems facing Regional TAFEs
Ms Yasmin King
B7 Preparing for the Future Health Workforce
Millennals and their Importance in the Health Workforce
Ms Ana Rodger, Ms Debbie Blow & Ms Beverly Charnley
Building Tomorrow's Workforce: Health and Community Services
Ms Karen Dickinson
B8 What of Digital Learning?
2018 Commonwealth Games: Digital Enabled Learning - A World First for TAFE
Mr Ryan Euinton & Ms Julie Wright
Digitising Practical Skills
Professor Helber Wagner Da Silva
A Novel Taxonomy of Mobile Learning Initiatives in Brazil

Break-Out Thematic Session C

Speaker Topic Presentation
Professor Dr Axel Gerloff
C1 A Focus on Higher Apprenticeships
Delivery of Higher-Level Apprenticeships in the German Context
Mr John Widdowson CBE
Delivering Higher Apprenticeships and Degree Apprenticeships within the Mixed Economy Group
Dr Mike Brown
C2 Evolving Global Policies for Inclusion of Non-traditional Students in TVET
TAFE in Australia
Associate Professor Takayoshi Maki & Ms Asami Shimoda
Bridge to Higher Education and, Future Job as Quality Engineer
Professor Marcelo Henrique Carneiro Camilo
Evolving Global Policies for Inclusion of Non-traditional Students in TVET
Dr Edward Valeau
Evolving Global Policies for Inclusion of Non-traditional Students in TVET
Dr Karen O'Reilly Briggs
C3 Advancing Trade
Advanced Manufacturing, Engineering Trades and Innovation: Understanding Skills Needs for Jobs of the Future
Mr Geoff Crittenden
New Technology Transforming Welder Training
Mr Peter Tighe
How Can you Engage Industry? Make it about Outcomes
Associate Professor Melanie Williams, Associate Professor Leonie Lockstone-Binney & Dr Paul Whitelaw
C4 What about the Trainers?
Future Skills for the VET Workforce
Dr John Flett
Implementing and Sustaining Transformational Change in Teaching Practices
Ms Denise Stevens & Ms Anne Deschepper
Good Practice in Teaching and Learning - The Practitioners' Perspective
Mr Phil Ker
C5 Hot Issues from around the Globe
New Zealand: Micro-credentials: Affordable Qualifications for a Rapidly Changing World of Work
Professor Dato' Dr. Mohd Ismail Bin Abd Aziz
Malaysia: Access and Equity to TVET, especially for Malaysian disadvantaged populations
Dr Donna Powell Wilson & Mrs Claudeth Fletcher
Jamaica: Higher Education in Community Colleges
Ms Jody Hamilton
C6 Training for First Nations Peoples
Unlocking Maori Potential: Pathways into Employment
Ms Jasmine Graham
Achieving Outcomes: An Australian Journey
Mr Henry Reiser
Lessons Learned in Aboriginal Education
Dr Sylvia Jenkins, Mr Casey O'Brien & Dr John Sands
C7 Establishing Holistic Partnerships to Embed Cybersecurity
Establishing Holistic Partnerships to Embed Cybersecurity
Ms Leanne Cover
Mr Tony Tai, Dr Dickson Yan & Professor Christina Hong
C8 Tackling Workforce Change: A View from Hong Kong Industry and Education
Tackling Workforce Change: A View from Hong Kong Industry and Education

Wednesday 10 October 2018

Break-Out Thematic Session D

Speaker Topic Presentation
Ms Ili Pelletier
D1 Doing it Differently: Higher Education in TVET Settings
Higher Education in TVET Settings - In Australia
Ms Dawn Ward
Responding to the Future Context: Higher Education in UK TVET Settings
Mr Grant Dreher
Moving Beyond Invisible Boundaries: The Highs and Lows of Partnering Vocational Education and Training with Higher Education
Ms Gail Bray
D2 Enabling Technology
A Futuristic Approach to Vocational Education and Training in Challenging Times
Mr Steve McMahon & Ms Anita Wesney
Using Technology to Conduct Workplace-based Assessments Remotely for Automotive
Dr Adil Abbas, Professor Valerie Francis & Mr Ross Digby
Virtual Reality: to Bridge the Gap
Professor Roberto Gil Rodrigues Almeida & Dr Juliana Vilela Alves Pacheco
D3 Global Connections
The Future of Internationalisation: the IFTM's Perspective
Dr Rahim Karim
Academic Partnership Framework: A Structured Approach to Creating and Managing Partnerships in a Global Context
Associate Professor Shixing Cheng
Connecting the Belt and Road by Rail: Boosting School Enterprise Collaboration
Ms Carol-Anne Blecich & Mr Russel McKay
D4 Bridging the Chasm: Skills Formation and Occupational Standards
Labour Markets and Skills Formation: Art or Science?
Ms Gitta Siekmann
Identifying and Sharing Work Skills - International Approaches
Mr Anthony Horne
Better Regional Insight is the Key to an Industry Relevant Curriculum
Ms Jan Davis & Ms Simone Zelencich
D5 Breaking Down Barriers to the Labour Market
Supported Internships: a Program of Social Inclusion for Young People with Disability
Ms Karen Dymke
Why? Why? Why? Understanding and Managing Challenging Behaviours
Ms Caroline Hughes & Ms Anissa Jones
Using Technology to Support at Risk Learners to Succeed
Ms Denise O'Brien, Mr Mark Halabe, Ms Hasmukh Lal & Ms Gail Tamakam
D6 TVET Transforming Lives for Pacific Island Citizens
TVET Transforming Lives for Pacific Island Citizens
Mr Robert Petherbridge
D7 Workforce Development: Collaboration and Hubs
Skills and Workforce Development Planning: A Case Study from the Fraser Island
Mr Daoping Huang
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education: Partnering for Success in Zhejiang, China
Ms Tamilyn Brennan
Cutting through the Noise: Defining the Future
Dr Neil Buddel & Ms Paula Greenwood
D8 TVET: An Informed Choice
The Future: Advising for Student Success
Ms Wendy Walker
Australia's VET Information Strategy
Ms Kim Nguyen
Leveraging Data for Choice

Break-Out Thematic Session E

Speaker Topic Presentation
Ms Lauren Tiltman
E1 Apprentice Makeover: How a Foundation of the Training System is being adapted for a New Generation
Apprentice Makeover
Mr David Nagy
Mr Peter Nolan
Mr Phil Ker
E2 Redefining Curriculum
Embedding Transferable Skills into the Curriculum: a Case Study
Mr Paul Boys
Refining Curriculum Design to Prepare Young People for the Workforce of the Future
Professor Jefferson Manhaes de Azevedo
Employability Skills - The Future of Professional Education, the Circular Economy and IFF's Innovation Hub
Ms Sally Baker, Ms Alex Devine, Ms Sherol George, Ms Bannau Tiiata & Ms Kepreen Ve'etutu
E3 TVET for All: Strengthening Disability Inclusive Skills Development in the Pacific
TVET for All: Strengthening Disability Inclusive Skills Development in the Pacific
Professor John Clayton & Mr Tony O'Brien
E4 Building the Modern Institution
Designing the Entrepreneurial Institution: Lessons from the Sino-NZ Model Programme Approach
Mr Ricardo Paredes Molina
Social Recognition of Higher Technical Vocational Education (HiVET)
Ms Francesca Beddie
Future Proofing VET Institutions by Introducing Applied Research to the Business Model
Dr Tangerine Holt
E5 Beyond Qualifications
Beyond Qualifications
Ms Carrie Roche
Beyond Qualifications: Talking Standards
Professor Caiqin Liu
Made in China 2025: Occupational Mobility of Professional Talents and Competencies
Dr Caroline Seelig & Mr Shanan Holm
E6 Next Generation Learning for Next Generation Jobs
Next Generation Learning for Next Generation Jobs
Ms Emma Broadbent & Ms Nicholle Duce
Dr Patrick Donahoe
E7 TVET: A System of Inclusion
Up your Access: Faculty Driven Innovation in KPU's Non-Traditional Entry Programs
Mr Gaston Ramos Velasco
The Role of Inclusion in Technical Training: Case of Duoc US, Chile
Professor Helber Wagner Da Silva
A Multi-level Literacy Project with Socio-economically Disadvantaged Young People in Northeast Brazil
Mr Peter Cantwell, Ms Katea Gidley, Mr Brad Sly & Ms Mish Eastman
E8 An Innovative Model for Student Employment in the VET Sector
An Innovative Model for Student Employment in the VET Sector

Break-Out Thematic Session F

Speaker Topic Presentation
Ms Jennifer Oliver & Mr John Henik
F1 Global Connections
Partnering for Student Mobility
Ms Raquel Matys Cardenuto
Exchange and Research Program in an Institution of Professional and Technological Education
Professor Guozhong Zhou
Exploring Students' Service of Internationalisation Plus and Foreign Exchange
Mr Tom Key, Mr Chris Pracy & Mr Joe Millward
F2 Modernising Colleges and Polytechnics for Today and Building for Tomorrow: a TAFE NSW Story
Modernising Colleges and Polytechnics for Today and Building for Tomorrow: a TAFE NSW Story
Dr Karen Belfer
F3 Three Country Perspectives: Defining, Interpreting and Operationalising Quality
Quality Assurance and Future Skills
Mr Pisit Rangsaritwutikul
Quality and Standard in Thailand
Dr Ali Al Naqbi
Quality in Abu Dhabi: Global Rankings for TVET
Ms Linda Boyd & Ms Nawal Semaan
F4 Warm Welcome: Training for Refugees and Migrants
Enabling the Learning Journey of Newly Arrived Refugees
Ms Karen Fitzsimons & Ms Julie Madden
Supporting Asylum Seekers Undertaking Training
Professor John Clayton & Ms Yang (Joy) Gao
F5 A Balance of Experience: Workplace Based Learning
Supporting Students in Work Integrated Learning Environments
Mr Robbie Coyle & Dr Sam Duncan
Bridging the Gap for Sports Degree Students
Mr Stuart Howie
F6 Positioning TVET
The DIY Newsroom: how Education Institutions can take Ultimate Control of their Message and get the Recognition they Deserve
Ms Peta Skujins
Engaging Young People with Apprenticeships and Traineeships Information
Mr Adam Fedden
Next Generation's Workforce
Professor Erica Smith
F7 A Study in Apprenticeships: Practice and Theory
How can Apprenticeship Systems Adapt to the Changing World of Work?
Mr Steve Moores
The Digital Age Re-energizes Electrician Apprenticeship Training in British Colombia, Canada
Professor Yumin Bi
Taking Advantage of Two Training Places: Campus and Companies
Ms Julianne Abbot
F8 Authentic Work Based Learning
Proto-type to Product
Mr Sylvain Giguere
Better Aligning Skills Programmes to Employer Demand: Lessons from OECD Countires

Plenary Session 3

Speaker Topic Presentation
Professor John Pollaers OAM
The Role of Industry and Building the Future Skilled Workforce
Mr Keith Ritchie
Industry Ownership can shape the Future Work Ecosystem
Mr Mark Dixon
Leveraging Industry Connections to Design and Deliver Future-focused Training
Ms Linda O'Farrell
Empowering Generational Change

Plenary Session 4

Speaker Topic Presentation
Professor Stephanie Matseleng Allais
The Role of TVET in Ensuring No One is Left Behind: Critical Perspectives from Africa
Dr Shyamal Majumder
The Importance of Skilling in the Sustainable Development Goals

Closing Ceremony

Speaker Topic Presentation
Senator the Hon. Doug Cameron
Opposition Address
TVET Alumni Panel
Ms Gemma Hartwig
Mr Rory Smeaton
Mr Clayton Harrington
Mr Imran Khan
Ms Alyssa Heard
Celebrating Students
Young Leaders Camp
The Voice of the Youth
Ms Nikki Hind
Two TVET Journeys: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone to Conquer the Future
Ms Cassie Puruntatameri
Two TVET Journeys: Deadly Aspirations!