TAFE Opens Doors

TAFE Opens Doors: A focused discussion on access and equity

 TAFE Opens Doors: a focused discussion on access and equity, on 31 May 2023 from 12pm to 5pm AEST.

This virtual event will focus on the important themes of access, inclusion and equity in TAFE. It is aimed at educators, policy makers, and other stakeholders interested in improving TAFE education and creating opportunities. The event will be hosted on Zoom Events and is free for all participants. Sessions have been designed for both educators and for all staff.

TAFE Opens Doors will feature a rich program with a variety of speakers and presentation types, including the opening keynote panel on TAFEs and First Nations Peoples. This panel will be delivered by Professor Peter Radoll, DVC of Victoria University, and Leanne Bell, Faculty Manager of TAFE Queensland and Reconciliation Action Plan Chair.

TAFE Opens Doors is an opportunity to engage with experts and peers in the field, and to showcase the best practices and learnings of TAFE in promoting access, equity, and inclusion. It aims to inspire and motivate participants to champion equity and access in education and training, and to recognise the significant economic benefits that result from creating more inclusive and equitable systems. This is an opportunity to engage in Australia’s conversation and to highlight the transformative power of TAFE in providing life changing prospects for those who have had less opportunity.

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