WFCP: Federación Mundial de Colegios y Politécnicos

"The World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics (WFCP) es una red internacional de colegios, institutos de educación superior y politécnicos, y asociaciones nacionales y regionales de colegios. Es la voz unida de las instituciones de educación aplicada postsecundaria de todo el mundo.

The WFCP provides leadership in delivering workforce education for our global economy.  It shares leading edge education strategies and best practice institute leadership to increase workforce education around the globe.  It influences global technical and vocational education and training (TVET) policy, and profiles and promotes innovative programs of its members to stakeholders internationally.

The Federation aims to be a resource for member institutions to meet their strategic national and international objectives.  It does this through an international congress held every two years which facilitates the sharing of the latest in applied education research. A series of international affinity groups (communities of practice) actively address a range of TVET topics and challenges.  The WFCP is also a strong advocate for joint initiatives among international partners.

Los miembros de WFCP cubren todos los continentes con membresía activa de países africanos, Australia, Brasil, Canadá, China, Nueva Zelanda, España, Reino Unido y Estados Unidos.

Mr Craig Robertson, TDA CEO, is also the Chair of WFCP while the Victorian TAFE Association and TAFE Queensland are members.”