Infinispark PTY LTD

Infinispark solves the problem of maintaining compliance and learner engagement by designing assessment equipment for Electrotechnology and Automotive Electrical.

At Infinispark we understand that maintaining compliance and learner engagement are two of the biggest concerns in any training organisation. Without proper compliance training organisations are at the risk of losing their registration and without proper learner engagement training organisations are at the risk of losing business. Almost every process in your training organisation supports these two business imperatives in one way or another.

In most training organisations the team that maintains compliance is more often than not different to the team that concentrates on learner engagement. Unintentionally, this causes a disconnect between compliance and learner engagement. Working with Infinispark you will reduce this disconnect, and hopefully remove it, by implementing innovative approaches within the Electrotechnology and Automotive Electrical fields.

In our efforts to achieve our shared aim, and to help training organisations that train and assess in Electrotechnology and Automotive Electrical, Infinispark design practical assessment and training equipment that maps to the Electrotechnology and Automotive (electrical) training packages. We start by analysing and unpacking a Unit of Competency and identifying what parts require learners to demonstrate their understanding and in what way. Based on this information we choose the components and put them all in a compact form factor. This takes care of the compliance from the ground up.

As Husnen Rupani, Infinispark’s Chief Executive Officer, notes, “whilst making the equipment compliant, we also use our knowledge and experience of training in the VET sector to make the assessment equipment appealing, easy to use, functional and portable. This entices trainers and learners to use these easily and often and enhances learners’ experience and increases their engagement and retention.”

You may speak with Husnen on 1300 15 22 99, or email Husnen at He looks forward to explaining how Infinispark can assist you as a training organisation or as an educator or trainer.