TAFETalks: Imagining an Integrated VET and HE Future

The new Industry Clusters will focus on both vocational education and training (VET), and higher education (HE) as they develop skills solutions for their workforces. We have been discussing combined VET and HE solutions for decades. What will be different under these new industry cluster arrangements which come into effect in 2023?

Please join TDA CEO, Jenny Dodd for a panel discussion with three leaders of industry about how they think VET and HE integration might be different from 2023 onwards.

National Enrolled Nursing Advisory Council (NENAC)

TAFE Directors Australia (TDA) established the National Enrolled Nursing Advisory Council (NENAC) in August 2020. The council brings together experts from across Australian TAFEs in education and training to better represent and advocate for enrolled nursing education. Enrolled Nurses play

National VET Educator Development Network (NVEDN)

The National VET Educator Development Network (NVEDN) is a representative group from TAFE institutes and dual sector organisations across Australia.  The network is established to drive, inspire and maintain a positive and energetic approach to VET and higher education educator

TAFE Aged Care Taskforce (TACT)

The TAFE Aged Care Taskforce was formally convened in July 2021 and brings together specialised educationalists from across Australia’s national network of publicly owned TAFE institutes and university TAFE divisions. The taskforce provides educational leadership in aged care through policy

TAFE Policy Network on Quality, Regulation and Compliance (QRC)

TAFE Directors Australia (TDA) convened the TAFE Policy Network on Quality, Regulation and Compliance (QRC) following the TDA Convention 2019, The Power of TAFE, which sought to strengthen the way TAFEs and TAFE divisions of dual sector universities work together.

Australian TAFE International Network (ATIN)


The Australian TAFE International Network (ATIN) has been operating for more than 20 years and brings together member representatives from all states and territories on international education.