Adapting delivery modes and course offerings – TAFE NSW

Evolution of delivery

TAFE NSW has responded to the changing needs of the community during the COVID-19 pandemic by adapting delivery modes and course offerings.

A suite of free online courses has been made available so that people working from home or not working can use this time to upskill. The short courses are designed to be completed in just days or weeks, offering practical skills development and experiences across a range of industries.

TAFE NSW has given consideration to how classes will be delivered with modifications for hygiene and social distancing. Delivery modes include connected, online, blended, remote, distance, and modified face-to-face learning. Special consideration has also been given to cater for students nearing completion, critical skills training and trades which are essential to the NSW economy.

TAFE NSW teachers have engaged in training for digital delivery and collaboration to upskill for modified delivery in Term 2.

Being dynamic to meet changed industry needs

Social distancing has presented challenges which vary by industry, but TAFE NSW is continuing to work closely with industries to find solutions. One example is the reduced ability for teachers to conduct on-site assessments. TAFE NSW is working with employers and students to adapt to current circumstances such as making recordings or using web conferencing to enable workplace observation

Students supported for modified delivery

Students have experienced a time of change and TAFE NSW has continued to support students through usual services such as counselling, career development, disability support and support for people of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander backgrounds. Teachers have remained in close contact with students on any changes to their training programs and each student has been provided with an Office 365 account for access to email, web conferencing and document sharing. Where necessary, options for accessing facilities on campus or connecting over the telephone have been provided.

Collaboration amidst social distancing and exploration of ways of working

The TAFE NSW value of collaboration has been embraced as staff have explored new ways of working. The COVID-19 pandemic has presented opportunities for many staff to upskill and embrace technologies and consider delivery options. Students are benefitting from virtual excursions with industry, video content of teachers demonstrating skills followed by Q&A sessions, and connecting one-to-one or as a class through web conferencing. For some students, learning during social distancing means receiving learning materials in the mail and talking through them on the telephone.

As well as technology being embraced for educational purposes, staff are collaborating with colleagues like never before. Around 6,800 staff members have explored working from home and more than 6,000 staff connected concurrently over a live Microsoft Teams event in April. The success of this event has prompted further exploration of this for future all staff events.